What we do

What really is true health?  Does true health only consist of physical wellbeing? What about the emotional and mental aspects of a human beings’ life? And what exactly is the secret of a healthy person?


If we compare different healing therapies, most therapies focus on specific aspects of the disease without considering the whole body. In addition, many of them deal mainly with the illness of the physical body when there are actually two more important types of health-influencing factors - mental and emotional health, and any concomitant discord.


What we have discovered is that healthy people follow the natural and conscious principles of the universe to live and transform their lives. They adapt to the evolution and regeneration of the world, they grow with the universal changes, and they open their heart and mind to ‘go with the flow’.


Unhealthy people struggle with the natural flow of the universe, unconsciously following the evolution and growth of the universe while consciously using their personal ‘life’ baggage’ to live their lives. Often they let the past or the events which happen in their external world control their mind.


It is our vision to develop this online platform so that you can find information, contacts and tools relevant to the secrets, methods, ideas and approaches of Hunyuan Qi healing and its effective self-healing methods, based on Zhineng Qigong Science and Hunyuan Qi Therapy developed by Dr Pang Ming.


We aim to create a platform where we present successful Hunyuan Qi self-healing stories from people from around the world, and support others who are interested in this art and science so that they can connect, exchange, share and find inspiration.


Our intention is to create an online meeting place for people worldwide who are about to or have already embarked on their journey to holistic health and well-being.